Project Brief: Coaches and players often have conversations about what the player’s strengths and weaknesses are. One of the main offensive weaknesses for a player may be their shooting percentage. However, they may not know exactly where they are shooting well and where they need improvement.

Solution: To create a real-time data visualization of every shot a player takes in a game or practice. It will show where the shot is being taken from, if it went in, was wide left, wide right, long, or short.

This motion study demonstrates a live play in which a player scores a basket.

This motion study demonstrates a user adding more players to get information from.
The user can scroll through the players along the top menu in order to focus on one over another.

This motion study demonstrates a user choosing a specific shot to get its detailed information.
The details include:
Shot Information
Made, missed (left, right, short, long, airball)
If it was contested
When it happened
Any notes a coach may have to offer the player
Video Replay
Bookmark for later​​​​​​​

This motion study demonstrates how a user can manipulate the timeline in order to view only specific sections of the game being played.
It will either add or remove shots taken, depending on when in the game they occurred.

This motion study allows a user to breakdown a specific zone on the court.
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