The Problem
Currently, the user experience for myCourses is very poor. Students go to the site and are either frustrated with how it is structured, or wish certain features could be improved. The overall visual design is in need of improvement as well.
To improve RIT student usage/understanding of myCourses by focusing on the elements of the site that students truly care about and in a style that portrays the qualities associated with RIT. These qualities include innovation and success.

User Survey Results
• The average user on myCourses checks the site 20-30 times a week, 2-4 times a day. 

• Spend a range of 5-30 minutes, depending on their purpose for visiting the site. 

• The most common reasons to visit myCourses are to check grades, view assignments, and/or submit assignments.

• Users like the dropbox feature, notifying you of when things are due. 

• Recommended features from students include: a cumulative average of all the grades, mail when deadlines come up, and a calendar.

• User frustrations range from issues with the homepage, including the course drop-down menu, the discussion board, and that it’s not customizable. 

Use Case
Olivia Kramer, age 21, of Fayetteville, NY

She majors in Packaging Science and is involved with the College Activities Board, while holding a part time job at the library.

Olivia likes to be immersed in many different activities and opportunities including her clubs, jobs, and going to school sporting events. This leaves her with very little free time. Due to her busy schedule, she needs to do her best to stay on track and organized. 

“Yeah, I can hang out, but first I have to clock out and then work out. I can probably grab dinner or something.” 

Being part of the millennial generation and in a technology-oriented major, Olivia has little difficulty with new technology, but does contemplate ways certain technologies could be improved upon.

As a regular user of myCourses, Olivia is constantly checking her grades and making sure she is keeping up to date on her assignments. Olivia loves her major, so she holds those courses as top priority.
Information Architecture
Home Dashboard Redesign
Calendar Redesign
Course Content and Chat Function
Dropbox Redesign
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